Community – Sharing Together in Christ!

By sharing our “stories” together, we get to know each other and develop deeper relationships as we walk this faith walk together in Christ.

What is something that God is teaching you right now from His Word?

  1. Ok, ok!!! I will be the first! ha….God has been gradually teaching me this for years, but it’s like the light just came on about the CHURCH. I’m not talking buildings. I’m talking the family of God. We can be stronger when we lean on each other, challenge each other, and “spur one another on to good works”….It’s THEN that we share FELLOWSHIP! We may not feel we need the church family so much if we aren’t doing the work Christ called us to do….if our life is more about our plans and not so much about God’s plans…. This is a lesson that I pray I never forget!

    • mgeorge50
    • August 24th, 2012

    God is teaching me to come out of my comfort zone!!! I am taking on new challenges this year and with out your prayers and God’s help I won’t be able to do it. I do know though…With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!

    • AH! The comfort zones! We will pray for you in this new adventure. When you step out in faith, God steps up to provide all you need. Just trust and follow Him. You’ll do great!

    • peg and mike garrett
    • August 31st, 2012

    thanks for your visits with mom and are so good to do what you do at hospital care.
    that’s a need.
    god bless your beautiful family..
    i am so happy tonight with mom at rest and knowing i am going to take her home tomorrow.
    i called her tonight to say good night.
    she was reading the bible cause it was her deadline to have the bible read.
    i would bet she made it you think?

    thanks again. mike and peg

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